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It’s been a very long time can’t really say….just been busy and also lazy👯 with what? Well you can guess…..babysitting a hyper baby
Will be back soon


Babysitting my sister’s nine month old baby got me thinking about mothers…. How on earth do they cope?
This baby(boy) has at this moment done virtually everything to me…he has crawled around the house say over a thousand times,cried for no reason,tried to eat me,poured water on his clothes,hit his head on the wall,almost fallen off the bed and currently he’s scratching my skin with invincible nails,crawling all over me and singing baby song…. Aww,but now he just smiled… And he’s eating me again…..mothers have soo much energy… Thank God for them… Cause motherhood ain’t an easy job at all…you’ve got to tear yourself into all the chores you need to do at the same time and train yourself in areas your child need, give them almost all the attention you need….mothers sometimes just wish they could take a long vacation (on their own)but they can’t ….nope they can’t till the kids get really old….motherhood is an all time job where you never get paid,sometimes insulted by the kids,used by your own child…. But it all still is a wonderful feeling when you watch them smile and share their laughter and happiness …..watching them grow is something amazing I’ll love to experience and I know its a beautiful experience

Shoutout To all the mamas out there doing their best to set things straight and keep the kids in line always….. Your kids are grateful and on behalf of them all I say thank you ……for being MOTHER….. Mother’s are soo cool😉😉


What’s despair ?

Its that feeling that you are good at nothing

It’s that feeling that you haven’t done anything useful with your life

Its that feeling that no matter how hard you try you’d never be good enough 

It’s that feeling that when you are needed to deliver that you can’t 

Its that feeling that tears you apart when you recall all your missed opportunities

Its that feeling that leaves you locked within you and you see no key no way of unlocking 

Its that feeling that things will never work out the way you wish

Now guess what you should do with this feeling? 

Shake it off and tuck it under

You feeling like you’re good at nothing? Shake it off and tuck it under

Like you can’t perform when you’re needed? shake it off and tuck it under 

Like your life sucks and nothing you planned is ever gonna work out? Shake it off and tuck it under

Like you’re never going to amount to nothing? Honey,just shake it off and tuck it under

I understand you are human and you can’t help feeling so

I understand that you had plans and you set goals and mapped out time it should take for you to be through 

I understand that a while lot of things is happening right now in your life and you have no single idea how to handle them

I understand that you seem to be trying your best

I understand a whole lot of things….but hey don’t let that feeling get to you anymore…..you are more than that,more than a whole lot..

Just understand that you shouldn’t stop now…if what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked yet, try something else….just don’t stop yet….don’t stop anytime soon till you get what you want 
If you haven’t been doing anything,it’s not yet late to start,you can start now….. But if you are too lazy to start ….well……I guess am sorry …laziness would make you feel worse 

Apart from…… shaking it off and tucking it under, don’t forget what’s most important  PRAY…..YES,PRAY LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT XAUSE BELIEVE ME LOVE IT DOES………IT REALLY DOES

Walking in the rain

I remember when I was young in elementary school…. When the rain starts after school….most times I’m lucky am not in the rain its either I’m going to be picked by my mom or dad depending on who is available or am going to take public transport (already in the bus before the rain descends) falling mercilessly on pupils that trek home and are already on their way home (ofcourse the teachers won’t allow you go home or else someone came to pick you) many techniques with that prevent the books inside your school bag is born at such moments,cellophane bags(waterproof) surface from nowhere …..some that tend to carry rain coats wears it while some remove their uniform carry the school bag and wear the uniform back on to reduce the amount of water that will soak their bag and books some with waterproof bags just walk boldly in the rain enjoying it…I’ll be watching them and wishing I could be in their position watching some run,jump and splash water around…I love the rain a whole lot….like a whoooooolee lot!!!!

So sitting in this bus near the window watching pupils,students going home in the rain,some clutching their bags like life depends on it(well,because it does when you imagine the condition of your books if they are soaked…you’d hope you could  swallow it and vomit it again just to keep your books dry…..Am glad I had the opportunity to walk in the   rain ….I was one of those wore their uniform on their bag to protect their books and also be protected by a rain coat…

I look forward again to walking in the rain again.